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Open for business and working with COVID 19 in the Outdoors.

As enquiries begin to start coming in for activities over the coming months we are mindful of the current pandemic and the threat that COVID 19 poses to our industry and the health of our clients. We will only begin to return to running activities when the Government advice allows and we feel that it is safe for us to do so. We will inevitably need to be flexible over the coming months and we may need to change how and where we operate at limited notice. As time passes we hope to increase the range of our trips underground and move to delivering vertical caving and technical training but we will only run select activities where we can be confident of staff and customer safety.

From the 1st of June 2020, groups of up to 6 people from any household may meet in outdoor spaces. We will from this date be running certain activities at a 5:1 ratio or less. This will will work well for families and small groups such as couples. It should be noted that is a limited change to our past working practice as we have always specialised in small groups and have never joined separate group bookings together. One booking equates to a minimum of one instructor working with you, as a minimum.

At this time we are conscious that clients are fearful of making a booking and then needing to cancel. Any bookings made at this time has our guarantee that, should the situation in the UK change and we are not able to deliver your session on the booked date, we will offer you new dates or refund your booking. It’s that simple. As small business we will always prefer that you move your booking date instead of cancelling, as that helps small businesses get through difficult times, but we will refund you if you ask.

All participants are required to complete our Personal Information form and we would ask that you ensure you complete this with as much detail as possible and please inform us of any additional pertinent information via email. All information is managed securely and confidentially. But to enable us to ensure the safety and security of your party we ask that you consider the risk of COVID 19 and the symptoms as part of judging your fitness to attend and participate in any session. Please consider the safety of your fellow participants. We would ask you to cancel or postpone, rather than put anyone at risk and that you contact us immediately if you feel you might not be able to take part in your activity or show any symptoms of Covid-19

We will always have hand washing facilities available at our meeting points. Either in the form of accessible public facilities, or mobile hand wash stations at our vehicle, this may be clinical wipes, foams or gels.

We will not give you any of our safety equipment that has been worn by another person until it has being cleaned. All PPE and personal clothing and equipment will undergo cleaning in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations or be quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours prior to next use..

We ask that anyone showing any signs of illness does not attend our our activities. If you fall ill or have suspect you have come into contact with someone with Covid-19 and have to postpone your booking we will provide you with a voucher that will be valid until the end of 2021.

We will keep the ratios at or under the safe level as advised by the UK Government. As Government guidance changes, ratios will change, but our approach to activities has always been to have low instructor to participant ratios for quality and safety and we continue to operate our one booking one instructor policy for the majority of our clients.

We will provide gloves. You may bring your own to use, but we will always supply gloves (builders/gardening type) to help reduce the chance of skin contact with an infected surface while we are undertaking our activities.

We will actively avoid using honeypot sites. We have always chosen to avoid venues that are popular with larger groups and centres, we will continue to avoid these venues where social distancing is not possible. This may mean that we have to walk a little further or change venues at short notice, but this will not affect your time with us.

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Please contact us on 07849 398 288 or email for further details on any of our caving courses or services. All quotes are provided on an individual basis, according to your specific requirements.

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