Image: Alum pot caving

We’ll be opening for business soon, on a 1:1 basis with clients

There is no doubt, at this time we must be highly sensitive to both the safety of the volunteers who enable cave rescue to exist and the feelings of local residents in any areas where caving and mine exploration exist. However we are pleased to be able to look at moving sensitively towards operating again very soon.

As a business we survive through enabling young and old to experience caving and mine exploration in a safe and managed way. At this time apart from a few pre existing bookings that have been postponed our diary is blank, we have lost our entire income source, we have to begin work in order to pay our ongoing business expenses, but this will not be at the cost of safety. In the past, future and present the safety of our staff, clients and those who support our industry. Be they customer facing in shops or local residents and land owners.

We have an exemplary safety record. Over thirty years of caving and outdoor activities, we have never need to call on additional assistance personally or with our clients. But we will not be taking risks, our approach is not risk averse but instead to manage the risks that are present, that we perceive and those around us. This is what our industry is founded on, managing the emotional and physical need of our clients and staff.

At this time, if booking with us, do not expect us to be able to access the bigger more technical trips. We will be focusing on safety and skills through tailored 1:1 guiding and coaching and will be offering only trips where we know we can operate with high degree of safety, that being not only ours and that of our client, but also that of local residents and cave rescue volunteers.

In time we hope to be able to welcome families back, but as a AALA Licensed provider we are able to deliver activities to young people unaccompanied by a parent or guardian.

Operationally we will stick to simple systems that do not involve meeting with local land owners to arrange access. We will meet in locations where we will have limited contact with local residents. All our equipment will be clean and safe to use with out risk of contamination and will be subject to a 72 hr quarantine post use. We have hand wipes, foams and gels available to all clients and have worked closely with all our equipment manufacturers to source cleaning materials that are suitable for use on our PPE.

We will continue to develop best practice for working in these highly unusual times and continue to advise those colleagues who seek our support, and we will continue to respect at all times the advice given by our National Governing Bodies and the UK Government and those of our fellow nations.