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Caving Equipment Hire

We have always believed that a quality experience begins with quality equipment. However it shouldn’t be necessary for you to either buy or provide it. So here’s what we’ll provide for you.

Petzl Head torches

Arguably the best combination available. Petzl’s Pixa 3 caving lamp is light-weight, bright, versatile and incredibly robust, so no bulky battery on your waist belt or cable to get in the way and snag and we’re also moving to have a range of the Petzl Aria 2 need torches, enabling you to have an even lighter weight and robust torch with up to 450 lumens.

We also have the full range of the new Petzl Duo’s for you to try out, providing you with an opportunity to try before you buy, or just enjoy your trip underground with an unenviable amount of light! With the Duo Z2 using 4 AA’s the Duos S with Nicad rechargeable cells or if you want to compete with the brightest caving lamps out there, then try our Duo RL.

Petzl Helmets

Petzl Panga or Petzl Boreo, if using our Duo’s you’ll want the Boreo, but for the Pixa or Aria, then the Panga is perfect.

Caving suits from Warmbac and Phoenix

Tough and durable and able to withstand the riggors of one of the most challenging environments outdoor kit has to cope with. Warmbac suits have always been the best all rounder, and now with their trimmed down centre suit with colour coded collars for sizing, more novice cavers can access quality clothing with out compromise. In Autumn 2015 we upgraded some of our suits with new neoprene cuffs, and increased our size range from XXS to XXXL. In the summer of 2016 we increased our size range further to include XXXS for our youngest customers and XXXXL for those rugby players amongst us. From 2020 we continued to increase our stock and have the ability to equip groups of up to 40 with suits, be they a corporate/adult group or education/youth group. If we need more then our friends at Peak Instruction can help us out by enabling us to almost double our available stock at relatively short notice and to exactly the same standard as we’ve always expected of ourselves.

Fleece undersuits

The fleece undersuit provides comfortable insulation for most caving trips. For very cold weather or wetter trips, light thermals can be worn underneath for extra warmth. All together a better option than fllece top and bottoms and allevaites the awkwardness of a cold back when you bend. Our Warmbac suits enable you to continue enjoying your caving, even when wet! As with our over suits we’ve increased our size range from XXXS to XXXL+ and we have a range of non branded fleece suits and tops and bottoms which extend our range further, you really need never be cold with us!

Comprehensive Kit store for Vertical Caving

In order to enable you to progress to vertical exploration, Pot Holing, we have invested in 6 full SRT riggs available for our Advanced Caving Skills courses and Guided Vertical Caving, these help you to make the right choices in equipment with out the initial, significant, expense. These are serviced and replaced at regular intervals. We’re also pleased to be in the privileged position to enable our clients to purchase, direct from ourselves, our recommended specialist SRT rigs utilising Petzl equipment at a competitive price, When purchased as part of our courses, this will be tailored to your own exacting measurements.

These are in regular use and compliment the training and skills courses being run regularly from training facilities across the country, often only 10 minutes drive from some of the best caving and mining in the UK. Early in 2015 we undertook a complete replacement of the SRT ropes at Inglesport climbing Wall, at no charge to them, enabling ongoing training to be available to all visiting cavers and we now regularly utilise the excellent National Lottery Funded training facilities at the YSS hut just down the road from Ingleton with some of the best caving in the country available to us!

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Please contact us on 07849 398 288 or email for further details on any of our caving courses or services. All quotes are provided on an individual basis, according to your specific requirements.

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