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Radon Gas and IRR2017

Radon and IRR2017


In accordance with the Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017, we are required to notify you that when taking part in caving or mine exploration activities, you are highly likely to be exposed to an atmospheric concentration of radon gas that exceeds the 300 Bqm3 threshold for action in a workplace environment.

As a member of the public, your exposure to radon is legally limited to 1mSv or less per year. We will never advertise or accept an activity booking that might take you beyond this threshold while you are under our supervision. The limits do not take into account any exposure from your home or place of work, or other cave or mine activities done elsewhere.

Should you require us to provide you with details of your anticipated exposure for a particular trip, please contact us in advance or before booking. By booking onto a caving or mine exploration activity, you are declaring that you are accepting that you will be exposed to radon gas and will notify us in advance if you have received radon exposure via another activity that might bring you close or above your 1mSv limit for the year if you undertake a caving or mine exploration activity with Peak Instruction. We promise not to over-expose you while you are with us, but you are responsible for controlling and monitoring any other exposure received for the rest of the year.

For further information through our National Governing Body, the British Caving Association then please follow the links below.

British Caving Association, Radon Underground


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