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Cave Leader Training Courses

Attendance at a training course is a compulsory part of the Local Cave and Mine Leader assessment scheme at Level 1 and Level 2 and is necessary for progression to Assessment for Modules 1 to 4

Prior experience at Level One

  • The candidate must have a basic level of competence as a cavers or mine explorers and should have a minimum level of experience extending to 12 cave or mine exploration trips.
  • Those with less than 12 trips experience may be accepted on bespoke courses. This will however be noted on the training report issued at the end of the course and will advise the candidate that more training may be required before assessment.

Prior Experience at Level Two

  • Must have completed a Level 1 training course and have some experience of vertical caving either utilising ladders or Single Rope Technique (SRT), where ever possible these courses will be run to ensure that candidates of similar experience and techniques will work together.
  • Candidates may be refused on a training course if insufficient experience has been presented.

Please contact us for further details on any of the above courses.

Additional notes


  • Must be over 18 years old to undertake a training course.
  • Can attend a training course in any caving/mining region of the UK, as they are not area specific. However if you are expecting to work in a specific region, for example the Dales, then there may be advantages to attending one locally. The course must be run by a British Caving Association approved Trainer / Assessor.
  • Attendance on a course will be confirmed upon receipt of a booking form and completed medical consent form, candidates must inform the Trainer/Assessor of any medical complaint that may compromise the safety of the candidate or other trainees.

A list of Trainer / Assessors is available on the British Caving Association’s web site and can be obtained from the Training Administration Service Provider.

  • Courses are a minimum of two days (16 hours) for each course and at least 6 hours should be spent underground.
  • Where mines and caves are being covered at L1 then the course will be required to cover three days with a surface day on theory and then two days looking at Caves and Mines in a practical context.

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