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Local Cave and Mine Leader Award

The Local Cave and Mine Leader Award (LCMLA) is a regional and site specific award administered by the BCA (British Caving Association) and is designed to give sound, quality training to those working in either a voluntary or professional capacity in the cave or mine environments of the UK.

For all of the Local Cave and Mine Leader Awards there is an assumption of personal experience and competence on the part of the candidate prior to attendance on a training course, when the skills of leadership and party care are covered.

For candidates with exceptional levels of personal and leadership experience in caving there is a process whereby the training course can be waived through formal application to the training committee.

All Local Cave and Mine Leader Award candidates, however, must be registered with the scheme prior to attendance on a course and have their logbook available for inspection.

To register for the scheme you must contact the BCA prior to the course, details can be found online at or from

The Training Administrator
Kirby House
Main Street

“Assessments are often seen as nightmarish days of nail biting, sick feelings and at times down right panic! I think its a credit to yourself that I found yesterday such an enjoyable experience while also knowing I had been assessed thoroughly.”
Rob Davies, L1 Core Skills Assessee, Jan 09

Please contact us for further details on the Local Cave and Mine Leader Award scheme and remember our approach to Assessments is that they’re a continuation of Training.


LCMLA Registration Form

Group Day Assessments

Group Day Assessments

Core Skills Assessments

Core Skills Assessments

Cave Leader Training

Cave Leader Training

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