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Printable PDF Cave Guides

These require Adobe’s free PDF reader. PDF downloads courtesy of Hitch’n‘Hike climbing equipment.

The Caves of the Castleton Catchment Area

Giant’s Hole:

  • Part 1 – The Entrance to Garlands Pot
  • Part 2 – Garlands Pot to Eating House and The Upper Series
  • Part 3 – The lower reaches – Eating House to East Canal.

J.H. (James Hall’s Over Engine Mine)
Odin Mine
Oxlow Cavern

Peak Cavern:

  • Part 1 – The Main Stream Cave and Far Sump
  • Part 2 – Victoria Aven
  • Part 3 – Far Sump Extension
  • Part 4 – Pickering’s Passage
  • Part 5 – The Galena Chamber Circuit & the NCC Shafts
  • Part 6 – Lake Passage and Ink Sump
  • Part 7 – Treasury and the links to Speedwell Cavern
  • Part 8 – The White River Series

Also see the connecting caves of Speedwell Cavern – J.H. and Titan.

Rowter Hole
Sidetrack Cave

Speedwell Cavern

  • Part 1 – The entrance to Main Rising & Cliff Cavern
  • Part 2 – The Halfway House Series
  • Part 3 – The Assault Course & Pilkingtons Series
  • Part 4 – The Bung Hole Series
  • Part 5 – Wirlpool Passage

Also see the connecting caves of Peak Cavern – J.H. and Titan.

Suicide Cave

The Caves of the Bradwell Catchment Area:

Bradwell Area Cave Index (main index of locations and access info)
Bagshawe Cavern (references and access info only)
Bagshawe Resurgence Cave

The Caves of the Lathkill Dale and Monyash Catchment Area:

Lathkill Dale Cave Index (main index of locations and access info)

The Caves of the Stoney Middleton Catchment Area

Stoney Middleton Cave Index (main index of locations and access info)
Hangover Hole
Rubble Rift

The Caves of the Hamps/Manifold Catchment Area:

No specific guides as yet but there is some good information – surveys – location plans and photos on the Peak District SSSI Cave Conservation Monitoring Scheme‘s web site.

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