Image: Alum pot caving

The new @Petzl Stop has arrived with us

The new Petzl Stop has been widely awaited, around the caving community with rumours and photographs circulating on the internet, though pretty much nothing new was coming out, for the last few months and longer. Well after a number of years of test and development it’s arrived in the UK. Only samples at this stage and we were pleased to have the chance to play with one yesterday, if only for 24hrs.

Thus we’re pleased to present some new images to the rumour train, and we had the chance to allow Trainers and Assessors of the Local Cave and Mine Leader Award Scheme for the North of England and Scotland have a play.

So far feedback is as expected, the changes are not going to be radical to the techniques taught. Questions about price still rumble on, and we’ll no doubt find this out in due course. Many had the hope that it may operate as a belay device for Level 2 Cave Leaders well I’m afraid it’s not, it rated EN 15151-1 Type 5 which will preclude belaying and make it as with the current one, only suitable for descent. The Petzl Rig will need to be the chosen go to device for Level 2 Cave Leaders.

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