Image: Alum pot caving

Caving in the media

So, have you been listening to Jeremy Vine on BCC Radio 2 about caving, you may have thought of it as your worst nightmare. Alternately, you may have just ben inspired to try that new adventure that you’d never considered before.

Well we’re well equipped to make that adventure happen. Whether you are a small party of friends or work colleague’s, or perhaps an individual looking for a different kind of adventure, then look no further.

Not only do we provide all instruction with some of the most experienced and qualified instructors in the country, they are all equally passionate about caving as I am, and that’s why GoCave exists. In addition, all footwear, clothing and equipment is supplied, and we make sure you’re as well kitted out as any self respecting caver would want to be. Indeed sometimes better!

To make your first tentative steps to heading underground, then get in contact with us today. If you’d like to discuss your requirements, then give us a call. I promise you’ll be speaking to a CAVER, not office staff.