Image: Alum pot caving

1:1 Local Cave and Mine Leader Training, now available

Some times it can be really hard to get a group of instructors together at the same time for a training course to run. Often Trainers and Assessors will say running a courses for one just isn’t financially viable! Well at GoCave we’ve decided to change the status quo. We will now be offering Level 1 Cave or Mine Leader training course to individuals and parties from 1 to 6 in number. So if you’ve struggled to find a course to get on, then speak to us direct and we’ll organise one for you, 1:1 to suit the dates you can make.

We’ll still need two days to run it over, in order that we can be sure that we meet all the requirements of the syllabus, but what a two days it will be, especially if run 1:1.

Don’t hesitate! Call us to find out more…..